Cat S61 is announced, features a thermal FLIR Lepton camera and an IP68 body

22 February 2018, 08:11:59

Cat S61 is announced, features a thermal FLIR Lepton camera and an IP68 bodyCat S61 is the latest addition to Cat's series of rugged smartphones and the second model after Cat S60 to pack a thermal camera. Made by Bullitt Group, the model embeds a FLIRs Lepton thermal microcamera, which offers an increased temperature range of -20 to +400 degrees Celsius, improved MSX image detail and quality, updated MyFLIR applications, and supports new functions such as vehicle diagnostics, asphalt monitoring, and live streaming. Cat S61 has a ruggedized body that is IP68 certified (dust-tight and waterproof) and is tested in water up to 3 m deep for 1 hour. The device is built to survive repeated drop tests onto concrete from 1.8 m and covers the military MIL Spec 810G standard. The front is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. In addition, the smartphone features a laser-assisted area and distance measurement up to 10m and VOC indoor air quality meter and humidity sensor. It runs on Android 8.0 Oreo that's bound to be upgraded to Android P when it comes up.

Cat S61 is built around a 5.2-inch IPS display with a 1080p resolution and support for operation with wet fingers and gloves. The hardware is based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 mobile platform combined with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The model supports LTE Cat 13, VoLTE, VoWiFi, Enhanced GPS, BT5.0, NFC, dual-band Wi-Fi. The model's camera department includes a 16MP primary shooter and an 8MP front-facing snapper. A 4500 mAh battery keeps the lights on. Cat S61 will be showcased at the MWC 2018 and will go on sale in Q2 of this year, priced at €899 / £799 / $999.

"FLIR's technology has played a crucial role in bringing thermal imaging to a variety of professionals, enhancing the capabilities and awareness of construction workers, electricians, first responders and anyone requiring a device built to survive the elements," said James Cannon, President and CEO of FLIR. "FLIR's mission is to save lives and livelihoods, and with the Cat S61 FLIR-equipped smartphone, we're arming professionals with valuable thermal data that can help them save time and money while improving the overall effectiveness of their work or mission."

"Nearly two years ago, we unveiled the Cat S60, the world's first thermal imaging smartphone. As customers’ needs have evolved, we are bringing forth the most advanced thermal-equipped smartphone ever to enable even more users to work in complex environments with ease," said Peter Stephens, CEO Bullitt Group, global licensee for Caterpillar. "FLIR's industry-leading Lepton sensor, coupled with the Cat S61’s advanced technical design and ruggedness, brings a superior level of awareness and functionality for practically any environment."Source

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The new Cat S62 Pro - the most advanced thermal imaging smartphone in the rugged world

Caterpillar has announced the Cat S62 Pro - "the most advanced thermal imaging smartphone in the rugged world." The Cat S62 Pro features several exclusive enhancements providing even more thermal detail to help locate and diagnose the damp, the draught, the leak, the hotspot, the electrical short, the blockage or the elevated temperature. With an IP68 and Mil-Spec 810H certification, it is dustproof and drop proof...

21 July 2020

The rugged Cat S52 goes official with a 5.65" HD+ display, 3100 mAh battery

Caterpillar has announced its latest smartphone - the Cat S52. The handset has a 5.65-inch HD+ display protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 6. It can be operated with gloves and wet hands. The 3100 mAh battery cannot be removed and supports fast charging. It provides up to 29 hours of 3G talk time and up to 28 days of standby time. The camera department is quite simple - an 8MP selfie shooter and a 12MP Sony rear...

29 October 2019

Caterpillar teases the rugged Cat S52

Caterpillar has been very quiet lately in terms of smartphone launches. However, it seems to be ready with a new model. The company published a teaser video of the upcoming Cat S52 which you may enjoy below the article. It depicts a capoeira fighter performing on top of the smartphone while it's raining cats and dogs. Obviously, this hints that the upcoming model is both water-resistant and impact-resilient. No...

22 October 2019

Cat S48c goes official, launches in the US via Sprint

Cat Phones are known for their focus on ruggedness and durability. The latest addition to the Cat brand is the Cat S48c which will be available in the US from tomorrow (November 9th) via Sprint. It will cost $20 per month with Sprint Flex Lease (SRP: $480 plus tax). It is created for individuals who work in demanding environments and great outdoors enthusiasts that regularly expose their smartphones to stressful...

9 November 2018

Caterpillar introduces the Cat S41 and Cat S31

Caterpillar Industrial has announced two new rugged smartphones and showcases them at the IFA 2017 in Berlin. The first model is the Cat S41, which sports a textured soft-body that is IP68 and MIL SPEC 810G certified against water (up to 2 m for up to 1 h), dust, and drops on concrete from up to 1.8 meters. The device features a 5-inch 1080p display with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It is very bright, so it can be...

31 August 2017

Cat S60 with a FLIR infrared camera pre-orders are now on. Costs €650.

In need of a rugged smartphone with an infrared camera? Enter the Cat S60! Today the company announced that the pre-order period starts and all who have registered for the device will receive an exclusive pre-registration bundle, containing a tempered glass screen protector, a universal protective case and a universal car charger. The whole package is priced at €650 and the first units will be shipped in mid-July...

21 June 2016

Caterpillar launches the CatS60 with a FLIR thermal camera and a 3800 mAh battery

Caterpillar launched the Cat S60 - a thermal imaging, rugged smartphone, powered by FLIR. The model has been announced back in February during the MWC in Barcelona. It features an integrated thermal camera made by FLIR - a leading thermal imaging company. The camera is capable of detecting and visualizing heat from a distance of up to 300 meters. It can also be used for underwater photography. The primary shooter...

3 May 2016

Caterpillar announced the world's first smartphone with integrated thermal camera

Caterpilla has just made official its flagship smartphone - the Cat S60. It is the world's first mobile device with an integrated thermal camera and the world's most waterproof smartphone. The camera is made by the leader in thermal imaging technology - FLIR. A heat camera detects and visualizes heat when it is not visible to the human eye from a distance of up to 300 meters. It can be used for "detecting heat loss...

18 February 2016

Caterpillar unveiled the Cat S30 with a 3000 mAh battery and IP68 and MIL-SPEC 810G certified

During the IFA show in Berlin, Caterpillar presented the Cat S30 - a water-, dust- and drop-proof smartphone made to withstand extreme conditions. The smartphone is IP68 certified, that is, it is dust-tight and can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 60 minutes. It is also MIL-SPEC 810G certified and can withstand a drop from a height of up to 1.8 meters. Additionally, the body of the device is made...

5 September 2015

Caterpillar outs its most rugged smartphone - the Cat S40

Caterpillar has just unveiled its "most rugged smartphone" to date. The Cat S40 withstands a drop from up to 1.8m of height and is IP68 certified. It can be immersed in water of up to 1 meter for up to an hour, it is also dust- and shock-proof (MIL-STD-810) as well as scratch-resistant. The operating temperature of the device is from -25°C (-13°F) to 55°C (131°F). The 3000 mAh battery ensures up to 18 hours of talk...

29 July 2015

S50 is the latest rugged smartphone by CAT

CAT S50 is the name of the latest rugged smartphone by CAT. For starters, the device is IP67 certified. This means it is dust- and waterproof if submerged in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Second, it is also certified with MIL-810G military standard, which ensures the smartphone will withstand any shock from vibration, solar radiation, transport and temperature extremes, plus contact with salt, dust...

4 September 2014

Caterpillar introduced the Cat B15Q

Caterpillar has launched its latest device - the Cat B15Q - and announced it as "the world's first globally available rugged KitKat smartphone". Besides arriving with Android 4.4 KitKat, the handset has other noteworthy features such as a dual noise-cancelling microphone and Waves Audio for first class audio reproduction. The removable battery's capacity is 2000 mAh, which equals 16 hours of talk time and 26 days in...

4 June 2014


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