Apple will use a new 3D sensing technology on the triple rear camera module of the 2019 iPhone

3 July 2018, 16:23:48

Apple will use a new 3D sensing technology on the triple rear camera module of the 2019 iPhoneKorean media ETNews reports that Apple has revealed the iPhone of 2019 will have a triple rear camera setup with 3D sensing capability that will be a step ahead of the technology that was used for the front-facing camera of the iPhone X released in 2017. The front camera will be used for unlocking purposes, and the rear ones will be used to provide augmented reality (AR) experience. According to industry sources, Jesset Taunch Chippak Korea (JSCK), a Korean investment company in China, has been developing the 3D sensing module since the beginning of this year. It will be placed in the middle of the rear triple camera module. It has not yet been decided whether JSCK will make the entire camera module assembly. Since the 3D sensing module is the core, if the development project is successful, this company may be entrusted to create the whole triple camera module. JSCK plans to finalize the development of the related modules in early 2019 and mass-production will begin at the end of the second quarter of 2019. If Apple meets all of the requirements, it is highly likely to compete with existing module suppliers such as LG Innotek. In the industry, JSCK proposed to Apple to allocate 30% of the project if it succeeded.

JSCK has already selected suppliers of the materials for its core equipment. The active alignment equipment is purchased from Vishi, headquartered in Austria, from Daiatatchi Equipment and Hi-Vision System, a domestic KOSDAQ listed company. The materials used for assembling the modules are known to be supplied by Hankel of America and Japan MIX. Apple used infrared (IR) as a light source for the iPhone's front-facing camera 3D sensing, but the rear camera plans to use a different light source than the IR because it needs to sense a wider range.

JSCK is the semiconductor assembling division of Hyundai Electronics (currently SK Hynix). It was taken over by Chip Pack Korea in 1998 and then by Stats in Singapore in 2004. The Statschip pack was sold back to JCET in China in 2015. The JSCK plant, which has recently established itself in the Free Trade Area of ​​Incheon International Airport in 2015, is called 'Apple's exclusive line' because of the packaging work carried out by Apple. An industry observer said, "We have been working on assembling the Apple semiconductor package, but the profitability is not good and the recent business conditions are not good. Because Apple does not promise allocation, it may be 'out of the ordinary' if JSCK cannot develop until early next year."Source

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